Ganglords – Kingston Confidential (Album) 1992

Ganglords – Kingston Confidential (Album) 1992

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Ganglords – Be Careful Girls (Ft. Patra
Ganglords – What Have They Done To My Music (Ft. Max Romeo)
Ganglords – Wake Up For Love (Ft. Courtney Melody)
Ganglords – There Is A Fire (Ft. Spanner Banner)
Ganglords – Thanks And Praises (Ft. Frankie Paul)
Ganglords – Reggae Reggae (Ft. Superman And Spiderman)
Ganglords – Ready For The Party (Ft. Pappa Biggy)
Ganglords – Nah Lef We Man (Ft. Queen Paula And Lady Mackrel)
Ganglords – Me A Killer (Ft. Captain Barkey)
Ganglords – Lady Dub
Ganglords – Joy In The Morning (Ft. Mikey Melody)
Ganglords – Ill Be Back
Ganglords – High Society Lady (Ft. Gregory Isaacs And Henkel Irie)
Ganglords – Girls Dem Nice (Ft. Lucan And Shabba Shields)
Ganglords – Ganglords – Intro
Ganglords – Fling Reggae Music (Ft. Ian Sweetness And Stonewall Jackson)
Ganglords – Dub In The Morning

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