Gems From Treasure Isle (Charly Records)

Gems From Treasure Isle (Charly Records)

Alton Ellis – Baby I Love You
Alton Ellis – Chatty Chatty People
Alton Ellis – Cry Tough
Alton Ellis – I Can’t Stand It
Alton Ellis – Remember That Sunday – ska
Alton Ellis – Rock Steady
Alton Ellis – Willow Tree- ska
Baba Brooks – Twilight Zone – ska
Derek & Patsy – Housewife’s Choice- ska
Don Drummond – Corner Stone
Don Drummond – Street Corner
Duke Reid’s Group – Rude Boy
Duke Reid’s Group – Soul Style
Eric ‘Monty’ Morris – Penny Reel- ska
Freddie McKay – Love Is A Treasure
Joya Landis – Kansas City
Justin Hinds – Save A Bread
Ken Parker – True True True- ska
Phyllis Dillon – Don’t Stay Away- ska
Phyllis Dillon – Don’t Touch Me Tomato- ska
Phyllis Dillon – Perfidia- ska
Phyllis Dillon – Rock Steady – ska
Shenley Duffus – Rukumbine
The Conquerors – I Feel In Love
The Ethiopians – Conditions Bad A Yard
The Jamaicans – Dedicated To You
The Maytals – John James
The Melodians – Hey Girl
The Melodians – You Don’t Need Me- ska
The Paragons – Maybe Someday
The Paragons – Mercy Mercy
The Paragons – My Best Girl
The Paragons – On The Beach- ska
The Paragons – Only A Smile- ska
The Paragons – Tide Is High- ska
The Paragons – Wear You To The Ball- ska
The Sensations – Those Guys- ska
The Skatalites – Eastern Standard Time- ska dub
The Skatalites – Woman A Come_- ska
The Techniques – Drink Wine
The Techniques – How I Wish It Would Rain- ska
The Techniques – My Girl- ska
The Techniques – Queen Majesty- ska
The Techniques – Travelling Man
The Techniques – You Don’t Care- ska
The Termites – Love Up, Kiss Up
The Three Tops – Do It Right- ska
The Three Tops – It’s Raining- ska
Tommy McCook – Flying Home
Tommy McCook – Starry Night
Tommy McCook – Strolling In
U-Roy – Midnight Hour- ska bt
U-Roy – Rock Away (You Don’t Need Me)- ska
Vic Taylor – Heartaches- ska

Gems From Treasure Isle (Charly Records)


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