Jahricio & Stephie – In Love With You (Dutty Romance Riddim) (Letra)

Yeh Yeh… mmmm Gotta mek her know, it is I Jahricio
And I really love her so
This girl make me feel so fine, she always running ‘pon my mind
Oh yes she’s one of a kind
Stephie sing for me baby

Chorus (Stephie)
Baby I got something to confess
I think im in love with you
Every time im with you I feel like im in paradise
Baby boy I’ve never felt this way
I think im in love with you
Baby please just call me and tell that you feel the same

Verse 1 (Jahricio)
Cause you pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty like a rose
Ever looking good from head down to toes
You ah model and ah pose inna your pretty pretty clothes
Me want be with you me nuh want them and those.
That’s why me need you as mi lover
Cause I’ve been searching and searching and me can’t find no other
I know you love all my style and my swagga
Link up with the Ras cause you know me a ragga ragga

Chorus (Stephie)
Verse 2 (Jahricio)
Girl you a perfect match for me
Cause you full a vibes and intelligency
You a empress with a natural beauty
So divine and so sexy, girl you lovely, hey
Never yet dis, never stress me
Love it when you kiss me and caress me
Want you by my side daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
I mean love you ‘till eternity, hey
There’s something about you girl
Can’t stop thinking about you girl
I’m really in love with you
Yes you are my baby boo

Bridge (Stephie)
Baby boy I just want to know
Baby cant you see that just wanna be your girl
I, I, I, I wanna be your girl
Your, your, your, your official girl
Chorus (Stephie) x2

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