Jahricio – Good Morning Jah (Indiscretions Riddim) (Letra)

Hey …its all about giving thanks and praises
Everything bless…. Oh yes
Gotta mek dem know…it is I Jahricio….

Good morning JAH…its a bright new day
Words of thanks and praise I say
For more health and strength I pray
Good morning JAH… it’s a brand new day
Never let my family go astray
For guidance and protection I pray

Verse 1:
Let di words of my mouth, meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh JAH
I got to do what is right
Even if di parasite want to backbite
Gimme protection, and don’t stop guiding me
Cause nuff a dem still fighting me
But you never stop from blessing me
Father God you’re di almighty.

Verse 2:
Let di naked be clothed, hungry most be fed
Likewise di blind most be led
Seh me do a nazarite vow locks grow pon mi head
Mi no stop burn di fire well red
Read up mi bible, seh me no linger mi no idle
Nyahbingi Boboshanti a JAH-JAH disciple
Man a sample , man a burn up di devil
Yes me take it to another level.

No other like JAH who make di green grass grow
No other like JAH who make di cool breeze blow
No other like JAH who bless me from head to toe
Just to make you know I love JAH-JAH so..hey..

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