Jahricio – So Real (Mama Africa Riddim) (Letra)

Chorus (x2) :
One thing me know JAH love is so real (so real….)
And still me love di vibes I feel (I feel….)

Verse 1:
Whether inna di country or inna di town
Anywhere you deh JAH love it can be found
Rise inna di morning and ah make a word sound
Give thanks for life and for di blessings that count.
Yeah Rastafari wear di triple crown
I hear a voice seh come rally round
Nyahbingi going Mt. Zion bound
JAH love keep me safe and sound.

Verse 2:
It’s JAH love that give us life
It’s JAH love that keep us alive
With JAH-JAH love ah so we survive
With so much love JAH-JAH always provides.
JAH love it deh, JAH-JAH love never hide
With hate and scorn I shall never abide
One perfect love gives me one perfect vibe
JAH love inna mi heart so me well satisfied.

Verse 3:
Because I know it’s true……..
JAH loves me and you……..
Yes I know it’s true……
JAH love shall carry us through … me seh…

Verse 4:
Oh what a love, what glorious love… hey
Seh this ya love it’s a blessing from above… yes
This ya love make feel free like a dove
If you found JAH-JAH love, yes you found di right stuff… hey
No need to fuss… No! there’s no need to fight
One love me seh, everybody must unite
Como mek we do what is right inna JAH-JAH sight
JAH-JAH love ah we guiding light

His foundation is in holy mountain, JAH loveth di gates of Zion more than di dwellings of Jacob (so real…….)
Look and behold JAH love is merciful for di young and di old (I feel …..)
Man fe hold di faith fe go through Zion gate (so real…..)
Gotta mek dem know JAH-JAH love is so great yeh (I feel……..)

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