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Kabaka Pyramid announce their second album

The Bebble Rock virtuoso Kabaka Pyramid has announced the release of his forthcoming
sophomore album titled, “The Kalling”.

It is a continuation of discussions and themes likegrowth, discipline, self-sufficiency, and independence, which were being investigated by the artist through music since his first EP.

This second installment in Kabaka’s album discography is a symphony of hard-hitting songs; the clearest most accurate musical statement about the evolution of his song craft.

Kabaka Pyramid is well known for songs like Warrior, Well Done which focused more keenly on local systemic issues, and Reggae Music that took on a life of its own. His debut album Kontraband, was met with critical acclaim, containing hits such as Kontraband featuring Damian Marley, Kaught Up with a popular music video that found home on BET, and Reggae Music.

Of his recent singles Make Things Work, Red, Gold & Green featuring Damian Marley, and Grateful which features Jemere Morgan were the leads for this new album. “The Kalling” not only puts on display Pyramid’s skill in making mind stimulating songs, but also tells the story of redeemable social value.

“The Kalling” is really about my journey in music being for a higher purpose, not just to get rich or popular, but to inspire a higher vibration in whoever listens. While the majority seek pleasure and sense gratification, there are a few who the Most High kall upon to keep the balance inna earth. Music is what I use to answer the kall and you can feel it throughout this album.

I think my audience will see the growth in my songwriting and delivery, along with Zilla’s top notch and diverse production. Therefore, making it easy to follow me on this journey from start to finish – no filler tracks to be skipped” says Kabaka when asked the meaning of the album title “The Kalling”.

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