Kabaka Pyramid – Phenomenon

Digital-B Records presenta este nuevo single de Kabaka Pyramid titulado Phenomeno1; que podés escuchar a continuación y comprar a partir del 24 de julio

Pyramid is well known for his surgical brand of lyricism, and he has no qualms declaring this in his latest hit off Digital B Records. This new tune draws on the authentic roots swank of Reggae, a quality that Digital B has become famously known for.

In the track Kabaka is making a statement, one that appears to have come out of self exploration and deep thought. As if to say, considering everything that we face as human beings, we must never forget that our existence is common to this planet, but still of rare value. With excellent production from Digital B, Pyramid lays smooth and simple lyrics and melodies over a heavy instrumental and a heavy concept. “Phenomenon” will be be officially released on July 24


: Kabaka Pyramid – Phenomenon

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