MediSun – Synchronicity (BNME) 2022 | Single

MediSun – Synchronicity (BNME) 2022 | Single


Synchronicity is an international reggae collaboration spearheaded by Grammy award-winning songwriter MediSun and a potent blend of production from LA to Kingston, Jamaica. On the heels of his successful release “Love Is the Way’ via Young Pow productions, “Synchronicity” is a smooth R&B ballad over a Reggae rhythm with drums inspired by Bob Marley’s “Iron Lion Zion”. The production is the brainchild of “Bunx Dadda”, the Cali based product of St.Kitts who is also very active as a DJ in the Los Angeles Caribbean community. His ear for what gets people moving on the dance floor informs his creative process and the pulsing drum pattern of synchronicity reflects his intention to keep the party in motion.

The live drum and mix, delivered straight from Kingston, is the handiwork of the Koastal Kings collective consisting of young legends Pelledon & Keneil who have toured and played with the likes of Buju Banton, Koffee, Sizzla, Etana, & more. The smooth overtones created by the pads and electronic keys are perfectly complemented by the driven “steppas” rhythm in the vein of Skip Marley’s “Slow Down” and other contemporary experiments in Caribbean fusion. The stripped down “SynAcoustic” track is graced by the skillful hands of Elton “Damani” Brown, designated guitarist for Damian “Jr Gong” Marley. This mellow alternate approach allows the listener to fully grasp the message that Medi conveys regarding the power of numerical signs via his prolific vocal performance and rich harmony sections.

“Synchronicity” is sure to captivate the ears and inner eyes of those who are spiritually inclined and rhythmically aligned while Medi brings the melodies and spiritual vibes to stimulate the subconscious mind. With such a powerful production team from the west coast to the west indies, Medi is bringing the heat and the healing through every word, sound, and melody.

MediSun – Synchronicity (BNME) 2022 | Single
MediSun – Synchronicity (BNME) 2022 | Single


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