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Officially T.O.K it´s back. The return of T.O.K

After a 7-year hiatus, the world’s greatest reggae boy band TOK is back!

The first rumour of a reunion began floating around late 2022 with their stellar performance at the Welcome To Jamrock reggae cruise. Fans were even further excited when clips of the four members working in studio emerged. By February 2023 it was clear they were back with the release of their first 2023 single #NPLH (Home).


Last March T.O.K met in the United States to present an acoustic at Beatz Galore Studio (Brooklyn NY),


Now it’s time to brace for the release of their second single, Sexy Time. Produced by the enigmatic icon Dave Kelly for his Mad House Records, the track is featured on the Slow Motion riddim. Dancehall fans would know the Slow Motion riddim from it’s title track by Dexta Daps, Bounty Killa and Baby Cham..

This confirms the return of the fantastic 4, made up of Alex, Bay-C, Craigy-T and Flexx, the Jamaican group that has presented a number of hits throughout their career, and is expected to see them in the following productions, for on the other hand, they will appear in the next ReggaeWorld production which includes a song by Alex, another song by Flexx with Monsta Twins and the last song in combination by Bay-C ft Craigy-T


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