Rebelution – In The Moment (Album) 2021

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Album: Rebelution – In The Moment (Album) 2021

REBELUTION (Reggae/Rock, USA California)
New album IN THE MOMENT now available
Californian reggae stars are back with their seventh album ! A mystic music between roots folk and rock, philosophic lyrics around passing time … This album will make you feel and think, a musical reflect session.

“In The Moment” is Rebelution�s seventh studio album. Recorded remotely in the midst of the pandemic, the new album is deliberate and wide-ranging, infusing the quartet�s soulful, exhilarating brand of modern reggae with addictive pop hooks, alt-rock grit, and hip-hop grooves. The performances are bold and self-assured, and the production is equally ambitious, drawing on swirling reverb and trippy delay to create an immersive sonic universe that�s both futuristic and vintage all at once. Strip away the intoxicating atmospherics, though, and what remains is a work of profound reflection, a probing, revelatory meditation that balances joy and introspection in equal measure as the band contemplates the meaning of time and how to spend what precious little we have.

�Whenever I started to write, this notion of time kept coming up over and over again in the lyrics,� said frontman Eric Rachmany. �It can feel a little scary how fast everything moves, but you have to just keep reminding yourself to be present and make the most of every moment.�

In The Moment Tracklist
Old School Feeling
Heavy As Lead
To Be Younger
2020 Vision (feat. Kabaka Pyramid)
All Or Nothing (feat. Busy Signal)
You And I
Adapt, Survive
Future Depends
That Zone (feat. Durand Jones)
Simply Captivating
Places Unknown (feat. Keznamdi)
What Life Is
To Be Younger (Acoustic)


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