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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #06

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #06


Dynamic DSR V530-A The Blues Busters – In The Valley Of My World
Dynamic DSR V530-B The Blues Busters – Baby I’m Sorry

H.A.M. HM 8055-A Bunny Malone – Baby I’ve Been Missing You
H.A.M. HM 8055-B Bunny Malone – Julia

Hawkeye HE 107-A John Holt – Don’t Give Up
Hawkeye HE 107-B Argo Sounds – Relentless

Jackpot CS 020-A Johnny Clarke – Stop Them Jah
Jackpot CS 020-B King Tubby & The Agrovators – Version

Kris Disk DSR 1029-A Joesy Wales – Kingston Hot
Kris Disk DSR 1029-B Version

Melrose FB 3915-A The Councilors – Talk About Love
Melrose FB 3915-B The Councilors – Talk About Love Version

Melrose MEL 058-A Jackie Edwards & Tracy King – Come On Back
Melrose MEL 058-B Come On Back Version

Mummy DSR 6129-A Micheal Prophet – Going To Church(purify your heart)
Mummy DSR 6129-B Vesrion

Music Works DSR 6116-A D.Brown & F.McGregor – Ragga Muffin
Music Works DSR 6116-B Ragga Muffin Part 2

Nura JC-004-A Yellow Man – 2 To 6 Supermix
Nura JC-004-B Version

Prince Buster DSR-9361-cc-A Prince Buster – Time Longer Than Rope
Prince Buster PB 012-B Prince Buster – Believe Kill, Believe Cure

Prince Buster TGI-0070-A Prince Buster & The All Stars – Madness
Prince Buster WIRL 2067-1-B Prince Buster & The All Stars – Ghost Dance

Soul Beat SB 018-A The Gaylads – Over The Rainbows End
Soul Beat SB 018-B The Gaylads – We Three Kings

Success 112-A Johnny Clarke – Julie
Success 112-B Rupie Edwards All Stars – Internationally Heavy Heavy Rockers

Thrillseekers DSR 0235-A Winston MacAnuff – Change Your Style
Thrillseekers DSR 0235-B Version

Thunder Bolt DSR 2044-A Eric Donaldson – Traffic Jam
Thunder Bolt DSR 2044-B Traffic Version

Unknown DSR 5285-A The Melodians – Get Up & Dance
Unknown DSR 5285-B Rhythm

Volcano DSR 5415-A Policy – It Nice Yu Yu Like It
Volcano DSR 5415-B Version

W.W.S. 8481-A Leroy Smart – Money Is Comfort
W.W.S. 8481-B Version

WKS Records DSR-1957-A J.C.Lodge – Can’t Get Over Losing You
WKS Records DSR-1957-B Losing You Version

Afrik DSR 5909-A Barry Biggs – Surely
Afrik DSR 5909-B Stereophonic – Surely Dub

Clocktower Classics CT-308-A Ken Boothe – Moving Away
Clocktower Classics CT-308-B Version

Charmax Music DSR 5540-A Max Romeo – McCabee Version
Charmax Music DSR 5540-B Version

Clocktower CT 741-A Ronnie Davis – Tradition Song
Clocktower CT 741-B King Tubby’s – Version

Black Skin The Prophet BS 001-A Sonny Washington – Black Skin
Black Skin The Prophet BS 001-B Version


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #06


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