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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #07

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #07


56 Hope Road DSR 6590-A Ken Boothe – I Feel Like Daniel
56 Hope Road DSR 6590-B Version

Anchor DSR 7870-A Gregory Issacs – Don’t Call Me Baldhead
Anchor DSR 7870-B Version

Black Roots DSR 19651-A Captain Sinbad – 51 Storm
Black Roots DSR 19651-B Version-does not match a-side

Black Solidarity DSR 0433-A Lady Ann – Take A Set
Black Solidarity DSR 0433-B Version

Dennis Star no matrix-A Mikey Melody – Problems
Dennis Star no matrix-B Version-does not match a-side

Firehouse 1034-A Banana Man – Number One Dancer
Firehouse 1034-B Version

Flames F-9448-A Skin, Flesh & Bones – Don’t Call Me Nigger
Flames F-9448-B Skin, Flesh & Bones – Musical Side

Harry J DSR 6075-A Ashman – La La
Harry J DSR 6075-B Version

Harry J DSR 6903-A Joe Manix – Watch The Possie
Harry J DSR 6903-B Version

Harry J DSR 7322-A Manix, Ashman & Goldman – No Problem
Harry J DSR 7322-B Version

Impact KC-2512-A Vibrators – Rise & Shine
Impact KC-2512-B Version

Jam Rock SS 1976-A Bobby Floyd – Rainbow Skies
Jam Rock SS 1976-B Version

Joe Gibbs JGM 2690-A Cornell Campbell – Boxing
Joe Gibbs JGM 2690-B Version

Music Master 4545-A Little John – Pretty Gal
Music Master 4545-B Version

Music Master DSR 2229-A Micheal Levy – Baby Be Mine
Music Master DSR 2229-B Version

Music Master DSR 4567-A Steppa – Shorta Breath
Music Master DSR 4567-B Version

Shabazz S-001-A Winston Jarrett & The Rightous Flames – Sleepers
Shabazz S-001-B Tony Shabazz & Revolutionaries – Sleepers Version One

State Line 779-A Richard Ace – You’re The One I Need
State Line 779-B Version

Sunset DSR 7155-A Gregory Isaacs – Only You
Sunset DSR 7155-B Version

Sunset DSR 7187-A Ashman – Jealous
Sunset DSR 7187-B Version

Sunset no matrix-A Yellow Man – Girl Watcher
Sunset no matrix-B Version

Ujama 5269-A Horace Ferguson – Traqualizer
Ujama 5269-B Version

Unknown Judah DSR 1378-A Nitty Gritty – Trodding Through Dancehall
Unknown Judah DSR 1378-B Version

Vena no matrix-A Al Campbell – Crazy Lover
Vena no matrix-B Version

Water Lily DSR 4617-A Pam & Woody – Book Of Life
Water Lily DSR 4617-B Harold Butler – Book Of Life


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #07


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