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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #10

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #10


Bad Gong BS 5047-A Little Joe – Natty B.M.W.
Bad Gong BS 5047-B Version

Belmont DSR 4778-A Trinity – Starky & Hutch
Belmont DSR 4778-B Joe Gibbs & Proffesional – Reincarnation

Belmont DSR 8094-A Nigger Kojak & Liza – Fist To Fist Rub A Dub
Belmont DSR 8094-B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Round 2

Beverley’s FLK 7841-A The Kingstonians – I’m Gonna Make It
Beverley’s FLK 7841-B The Kingstonians – I Need You Tomorrow

C.B. CB-3136-A Vin Gordon – Freedom Call
C.B. CB-3136-B Version

J.R.Sound no matrix-A Junior Reid – One Blood
J.R.Sound no matrix-B Version

Jaguar DSR 5501-4-A Eric Donaldson – Cherry Oh Baby
Jaguar DSR 5501-4-B Sir Chambers Special

Joe Gibbs DSR 1925-A Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – State Of Emergency
Joe Gibbs DSR 1925-B Mighty Two – Version

Justice FBL 8257-A Cornell Campbell – Natty Dread In A Greenwich Town
Justice FBL 8257-B King Tubby’s & The Aggravators – This Ya Version Ya Red

Justice League DSR LP-4750-A Junior Byles – Beat Down Babylon
Justice League DSR LP-4750-B Version

Pressure Beat F_G 7705-A Peter Tosh – Have Fe Get A Beaten
Pressure Beat F_G 7705-B 3rd & 4th Generation – Get A Beaten

Punch PH 38-A Busty Brown – Greatest Love
Punch PH 38-B Busty Brown – I Love You Madly

Record Corner WR-7-06-51-A Owen Grey – Fussing & Fighting
Record Corner WR-7-06-51-B Buggis & Tantan – Rocker

Spear 16750-A Burning Spear – School Days
Spear 16750-B Burning Spear – Dry & Heavy

Studio One FCD 7764-A Wentworth Vernal – Rain Bow
Studio One FCD 7764-B The New Establishment – Rain Bow (Ver.)

Sunset DSR 6503-A Michigan & Smiley – Vex Vex Vex
Sunset DSR 6503-B Version

Syndicate FLD 3420-A Alton Ellis – Back To Africa
Syndicate FLD 3420-B Lloyd & Joy – Born To Loose

Tarus DSR 9552-A Prince Haron – Boogar(boogie) Woog
Tarus DSR 9552-B Woog Version

Taurus DSR 4399-A Papa Skull – Scandal Bag
Taurus DSR 4399-B Firehouse Crew – Version

Tuff Gong FRM6923-4-A Bob Marley & The Wailers – Rastaman Live Up
Tuff Gong FRM6923-4-B Bob Marley & The Wailers – Don’t Give Up

Ujama DSR 5862-A Horace Ferguson – Great Stone
Ujama DSR 5862-B Version

Volcano DSR 1510-A Josie Wales – Hoola Hoope
Volcano DSR 1510-B Roots Radics Band – Version

Well Charge JJ 2927-A Dillinger – C.B.200
Well Charge JJ 2927-B Version

Yammie DSR 4331-A Pinchers – Lady
Yammie DSR 4331-B Version

Youth Promotion DSR 9773-A Sugar Minott – Shacking Out
Youth Promotion DSR 9773-B Version


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #10


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