Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #71

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #71

Arrival DSR 3814-A Frankie Paul – Curfew In The Dance
Arrival DSR 3815-B Junjo & The Volcano All Stars – Version

Big Bird DSR 4998-A Robert Levy & Early Black – Rough Sound
Big Bird DSR 4999-B Fire House Crew – Version

Carron Records RMM 1159-A Delroy Williams – Mr.Cops
Carron Records RMM 1159-B Version

Dennis Star Intl. RMM 1366-A Mickey Melody – Miranda My Girl
Dennis Star Intl. RMM 1366-B Version

Dennis Star Intl. no matrix-A Screw Driver – We Rule
Dennis Star Intl. no matrix-B We Rule~Version

E.T.Records DSR 3051-A Leroy Smart – That Girl
E.T.Records DSR 3052-B E.T.& The Terrestials – That Dub

GG’s Hit no matrix-A Tony Tuff – Fire Bun
GG’s Hit no matrix-B G.G.All Stars – Fire Dub

Harry J DSR 1586-A Everton Bonner – Stale Food
Harry J DSR 1587-B Version

Jah Guidance DSR 3686-A Yellow Man – Night Flight
Jah Guidance DSR 3687-B Version

Jammy’s DSR 1365-A Admiral Bailey – Kill Them With It
Jammy’s DSR 1366-B Version

Jammy’s DSR 2061-A Little Twitch – Hotter Fire
Jammy’s DSR 2062-B Version

Jammy’s DSR 2079-A Eccleton Jarrett – Turn On The Heat
Jammy’s DSR 2080-B Version

Jammy’s DSR 3391-A Half Pint – One In A Million
Jammy’s DSR 3392-B Version

Jammy’s DSR 4183-A Bobby Digital & Cocoa Tea – Come Home
Jammy’s DSR 4184-B Version

Jammy’s DSR 4902-A Johnny Osbourne – Dem A Terrorist
Jammy’s DSR 4903-B Version

Jammy’s DSR 5472-A King Everal – Bad Girls
Jammy’s DSR 5473-B Bobby Digital with Steavie & Clevie – Version

Legal Light RMM 1283-A Tony Tuff – Ease Off
Legal Light RMM 1283-B Version

Parish RMM 1721-A Roy Anthoney – What A Party
Parish RMM 1721-B Version

Redman International RMM 1517-A Carl Meeks – Johnny
Redman International RMM 1517-B Steelie, Clevie & Danny – Version

Redman International RMM 871-A Pinchers – People Of My Country
Redman International RMM 871-B Version

Rocky 1 DSR 2858-A Frankie Paul – Not A Pretty Gal
Rocky 1 DSR 2859-B Rocky All Stars – Pretty Dub

Supreme DSR 2842-A Pinchers – Return Of The Don
Supreme DSR 2843-B Version

Techniques WR 8057-A General Echo – Arleen
Techniques WR 8057-B Version

Techniques no matrix-A Sanchez – Sweetest Sound
Techniques no matrix-B Steelie & Clevie – Sweetest Version

W.W.S. no matrix-A Leroy Smart – She Love It In The Morning
W.W.S. no matrix-B Version Dub It In The Morning


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #71


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