Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #90

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #90

Action RG 34-A U. Roy – Joyful Locks
Action RG 34-B U. Roy – Rock With Me

Barry’s Hide Out BJ 003-A Adolphus Scott & The Spinning Wheels – Don’t Leave Me Alone
Barry’s Hide Out BJ 003-B Barry’s All Stars – Girl In Dub

Blank LEE 8-A Derrick Morgan – Things Get From Bad To Worse
Blank LEE 8-B Stranger Cole – You Should Never Have To Come

Clintones HIT 75-76-A Alton Ellis – Son Of Man
Clintones HIT 75-76-B Wild Bunch – Son Of Man Inst. Version

Demon Rec. CC RANDYS# 3659-A Ranchie – Come Down
Demon Rec. CC RANDYS# 3660-B Demon All Stars – Come Down (Part 2)

Flames 8004-A Tony Laidley backed by The Rough Riders – Raw Situation
Flames 8004-B Dub Music

GG’s Hit DSR GGR 8520-A Billy Dice & The Millions – You Need Love
GG’s Hit DSR GGR 8521-B Dub

Midwood Rec. MW 004-A Merging Traffic – Mister Magic
Midwood Rec. MW 005-B Merging Traffic – Tonight (Disco Mix)

Monica’s Records RG 46-A Prince Jazzbo – Triblies A Boy
Monica’s Records RG 46-B Version

Monica’s Records RG 76-5-A Cornell Campbell – Just A Moment
Monica’s Records RG 76-5-B King Tubbys – Version

Moodisc DSR 6792-A Jo Jo Bennett & Mudies All Stars – Misty
Moodisc DSR 6793-B Mudies All Stars – Misty Dub

Moodisc HM 8423-A Leon Wint – Race Horse Touter
Moodisc HM 8423-B Mudies All Stars – Race Horse Touter (Insturmental)

Opportunity Records DSR RE 7390-A Unity Unlimited – Big T.V.- Little T.V.
Opportunity Records DSR RE 7390-B (7444) Rupie Edwards All Stars – More T.V.

Pressure Beat FTG 7581-A Peter Tosh – Maga Dog
Pressure Beat FTG 7582-B 3rd & 4th Generation – Bull Dog

Roosevelt DSR HJ 7723-A Zap Pow – Irie Land
Roosevelt DSR HJ 7723-B (7702) Bongo Herman – Irie Drums

Shacks QC 1073-A Sang Hugh – Rasta No Born Yah
Shacks QC 1073-B The Thing – Version

TR Groovemaster TONY 1-A Cynthia Richards – Dream Of Me
TR Groovemaster TONY 1-B The Groove Master – Dream Under Heavy Manners

Talent FTC 8078-A The Cimarons – Rooting For A Cause
Talent FTC 8078-B The Cimarons – Rooting Version

Techniques BR# 3988-A The Interns – Nothing Is Impossible
Techniques BR# 3989-B The Hardy Boys – Version

Techniques DSR 1432-A The Techniques – Talk With You
Techniques DSR 1433-B Version

Telegraph JB# 2052-A Roy Shirley – Send The Children To School
Telegraph JB# 2052-B (FJB 7923) Unknown – Sweet Talks

Third World DSR SB 8833-A B.B.Seaton – No More Tribalism
Third World DSR SB 8834-B B.B.Seaton – My People-Hold On

Well Charge JOE JOE 19G-A Wailing Soul – Things & Time
Well Charge JOE JOE 19G-B Version

West Indian Sound WIS 5477-A Third World – Don’t Cry On The Railroad Track
West Indian Sound WIS 5477-B Third World – Reggae Funk (Version)

Wildflower DSR 2030-A The Paragons – Do The Best Thing
Wildflower DSR 2031-B The Paragons – Version


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #90


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