Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #93

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #93

A-1 Rec. A 001-A Willie Francis – Caulkit
A-1 Rec. A 001-B Revolutionaires – Version

C.C. Rec. ST 57636-A The Cimarons – Talking Blues
C.C. Rec. ST 57637-B The Cimarons – Blues Dub

Clandisc CE 3684-A Exuma – Hold On Joshua
Clandisc CE 3684-B Exuma – Part 2

Clocktower CT 311-A Jimmy Riley – From The Ghetto
Clocktower CT 311-B The Aggravators – Ghetto Dub

Dawn JC 7710-A Lloyd Robinson – Joy & Happiness
Dawn JC 7710-B Village Bunch – Version

Dixieland DX-3-A Andy Capp & The Values – The Pump
Dixieland DX-3-B Bungo Herman – The Pump Dub

Freelimo VP 2002-A Gregory Isaacs – Lets Dance
Freelimo VP 2002-B Dirty Harry & The All Stars – Version

G Clef Records CLEF 0016-A Derrick Morgan – You Got To Beware
G Clef Records CLEF 0016-B The Agrovators – You Got To Beware Version

Giant V 100-A The Living Truth – A Special Festival
Giant V 100-B The Living Truth – Bicentennial (Dub)

H & L Records HL 001-A Hopeton Lewis – Gimmie More Music
H & L Records HL 001-B H & L All Stars – Mellow Rhythm

High Note DSR 5245-A Culture – Natty Never Get Weary
High Note DSR 5246-B Revolutionaires – Natty Dub

Hitboud DSR 4926-A Dexter McIntyre – Move On Young Girl
Hitboud DSR 4927-B Version

Jaywax HJ 1477-A The Heptones – Do Good To Each & Everyone
Jaywax HJ 1477-B The Heptones – Part 2

Joe Gibbs DSR 7090-A Ruddy Thomas – Memory By The Score
Joe Gibbs DSR 7091-B Joe Gibbs & The Professional – Version

Lightning DSR 2843-A Prince Pampadou – Do You Mammy Know
Lightning DSR 2844-B Mammy Version

Love VP 888-A John Holt – Lady Love
Love VP 888-B John Holt – Country Boy

Merri Disc DYNA WB 4332-A Hopeton Lewis – Going Back To My Home Town
Merri Disc DYNA WB 4333-B Hopeton Lewis – Going Back To My Home Town (Version)

Micron MIC 1909-A Tyrone Taylor – I Am A Believer
Micron MIC 1910-B Version

Monica’s Records RG 76-17-A Little Baby – Send Me Some Loving
Monica’s Records RG 76-17-B Little Baby – Version

Mummy WR 4488-A Trinity – Three Meal A Day
Mummy WR 4488-B Version

Newbeat CE 3779-A Dave Robinson – Redemtion Time
Newbeat CE 3779-B El Speed All Stars – Rythym (2)

Roosevelt HJ 1593-A Max Edwards & Zap-Pow – My Sweet Music
Roosevelt HJ 1593-B (1561) Zap-Pow – Sweet Version

TR Groovemaster FLP 7875-A Lloyd Parks – Strike, Strike, Strike
TR Groovemaster FLP 7875-B (LP 2660) We The People Band – Version Chapter 2

Tarus PH 4401-A Prince Heron – Black Love
Tarus PH 4402-B Black Version

Top Ranking VP 2214-A Bi Bi Seaton – One Thing Leads To Another
Top Ranking VP 2214-B Version


Contenido oculto, solo visible para VIP :: 25



Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #93


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