Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #95

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #95

10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6507-A Archie McLean – Worries
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6508-B Version

Black Solidarity RMM 1307-A Sister Angie – Settle Yu Self
Black Solidarity RMM 1307-B (1001) Version

Bun Gem no matrix-A Unknown – Sensi
Bun Gem no matrix-B Smokey Joe – Nah Call The Police On Me

Daddy Roots Intl. DSR 6435-A Little John – Wa Kind A Girl
Daddy Roots Intl. DSR 6436-B Version

Dennis Star Intl. DH 2540-A Richie Stephens – More Dub
Dennis Star Intl. DH 2541-B Version

Dennis Star Intl. DS-A Phillip Frazer – Write About It
Dennis Star Intl. DS-B Version~Write About It

Dignitary DSR 3259-A Junior Frost – Lyrics Degree
Dignitary DSR 3260-B Version

Firehouse RMM 669-A Phantom – Kock Out Batty
Firehouse RMM 669-B Fatman, Banton & Fire House Crew – Version

Jammy’s DSR 1297-A Admiral Bailey – Jump Up
Jammy’s DSR 1298-B Version

Junjo DSR 5316-A Simple Simon – Simple Life
Junjo DSR 5317-B Version

Music Master DSR 8394-A Red Rose & Daddy Lizard – Old Bruck
Music Master DSR 8394-B (8396) Version

Music Works GC 712-A Carl Meeks – You Are So Fine
Music Works GC 712-B You Are So Fine (Cont’d) Version

Parish DSR 6377-A Dilly Dally – Ramdance
Parish DSR 6378-B Version

Pioneer Muzik DSR 3512-A Derrick Irie – Cry Fi Di Gold
Pioneer Muzik DSR 3513-B Firehouse Crew – Version

Power House DSR 7598-A Super Cat – Sid Down Pon It
Power House DSR 7599-B Version

Skengdon SKD 023-A Electric Dread – Won’t Give Up
Skengdon SKD 023-B Skengdon All Stars – Stronger Strong

Solidarity Intl. RMM 675-A Double Ugly – Can’t Take The Pressure
Solidarity Intl. RMM 675-B Version

Stage SR-A Jackie Chan & Silver Fox – Jamaican Man
Stage SR-B Jamaican Version

Taurus DSR 2728-A Dignitary Stylish – Slackness Dun
Taurus DSR 2729-B Peego, Banton & Firehouse Crew – Version

Taurus KT 1865-A Thriller U – Your Love
Taurus KT 1865-B Fitzie Banton & Firehouse Crew – Version

Taurus RMM 1258-A Thriller U – Crazy Game
Taurus RMM 1258-B Fatman & Fire House Crew – Version

Taurus RMM 1514-A Wayne Wonder – Never Gonna Give You Up
Taurus RMM 1514-B Peego, Banton & Firehouse Crew – Version

Taxi DSR 1790-A Sly, Robbie & Taxi Gang – Red Hot
Taxi DSR 1791-B Sly, Robbie & Taxi Gang – Version

Waterhouse DSR 6963-A Al Campbell – A We Rule
Waterhouse DSR 6963-B (6966) Peego, Fatman & King Asher – Version

Waterhouse RMM 1378-A Jah Son – Fat Ina Panty
Waterhouse RMM 1378-B Fatman, Peego & Firehouse Crew – Version


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #95


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