Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #96

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #96

10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 1798-A Mike Veteran – Trip To London
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 1798-B (1802) Version

10 Roosevelt Ave. IC 7001-A Inner Circle – Computer Style
10 Roosevelt Ave. IC 7001-B Inner Circle – Version

Bebo’s Music DSR 9793-A Collie Weed – Dirty Rub Up
Bebo’s Music DSR 9794-B Version

Black Diamond CCR 9017-A Howie Smart – Ready Dem No Ready
Black Diamond CCR 9017-B Ready Black Diamond Ready Version

Blood Music Rec. DSR 7028-A Millo B – Bad Boy Skank
Blood Music Rec. DSR 7029-B Sly & Robbie – Version

Bun Gem BG-A Jolley Stewart – Do Me Like So
Bun Gem BG-B Version~Do Me Like So

Fashion Rec. FAD 7048-A Joseph Cotton – No Touch The Style
Fashion Rec. FAD 7048-B Version

Firehouse RMM 1070-A Lady ”Mackrel” Worries – Don Girl
Firehouse RMM 1070-B Fat Man & Peego – Version

Gold Key Rec. DSR 1580-A Devon Irie – Every Massive Have To Rock
Gold Key Rec. DSR 1581-B Version

Harmodio DSR 6378-A Don Ecky – Try A Thing
Harmodio DSR 6379-B Version

Jah Life DSR 11060-A Little Harry – Concrete Skin
Jah Life DSR 11061-B Version

Juney Star JS 1987-A Lt. Stitchie – Tickle Me Fancy
Juney Star JS 1987-B Version

Penthouse Rec. DSR 6514-A Apachie Scratchy – Wheel & Turn
Penthouse Rec. DSR 6515-B Version

Pioneer Muzik DSR 5073-A Johnny P – School Girl
Pioneer Muzik DSR 5074-B Girls Dub

Rambo Label DSR 8358-A Josie Wales – Right Move
Rambo Label DSR 8359-B Version

Redman Intl. RMM 974-A Little Twitch – Homoni Corn
Redman Intl. RMM 974-B Version
Stereo One DSR 9050-A Ricky Stereo – T.V. Know All
Stereo One DSR 9051-B Version

Sunset DSR 1560-A Blacker Rankin – Dutty Bungle
Sunset DSR 1561-B Version

Taurus DSR 1525-A Super Barry – Penis Too Sweet
Taurus DSR 1526-B Peego & Fire House Crew – Version

Taurus DSR 1527-A Gregory Peck – Dugle Berry
Taurus DSR 1528-B Peego & Fire House Crew – Version

Taurus KT 1864-A Lady Junie – Pose Side A Man
Taurus KT 1864-B Fitzie Banton & Firehouse Crew – Version

Taurus RMM 1543-A Louis Culture & Wayne Ranks – Live Dead Stock
Taurus RMM 1543-B Peego, Banton & Fire House Crew – Version

Techniques WR-A Sister Charmaine – Man So Nice
Techniques WR-B Version~Man So Nice

Waterhouse RMM 665-A Wayne Ranks & Lewie Culture – Ram Puss
Waterhouse RMM 665-B Fatman, Banton & Fire House Crew – Version

Youth Promotion RMM 762-A Blacka T – Well Trash
Youth Promotion RMM 762-B Version


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #96


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