Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #99

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #99

Black Successor’s no matrix-A Jah Walton – The Radio Show
Black Successor’s no matrix-B A.M. Dial

Channel 1 DSR NEW 8136-A Stranger & Gladdy – Don’t Give Up The Fight
Channel 1 DSR NEW 8137-B Stranger & Gladdy – Version

Equator AD #4260-A The Styles – Heavy Zephy
Equator AD #4261-B The Equator All Star’s – Dub A Zephy

Giant KC 810-A Carl Murphy – Lick I Pipe
Giant KC 810-B Impact All Stars – Lick Version

Giant VC 9104-A Alton Ellis – Big Bad Boy
Giant VC 9104-B Keith Hudson – True True To My Heart

High Note DUC 0097-A Techniques – You Don’t Care
High Note DUC 0097-B Version

High Note SP 0695-A Earth & Stone – No Time To Loose
High Note SP 0695-B The Revolutionarys – No Dub To Loose

Hit Bound DSR 5497-A John Holt – Tribal War
Hit Bound DSR 5498-B Version

House Of Raggae WK 704-A Ras Alla & The Spears – Came From Buzrock
House Of Raggae WK 704-B Version

Jammy’s VP RECORDS 2033-A Black Sound Of Ultro – Natural Mystic
Jammy’s VP RECORDS 2033-B Mystic Version

Laser LAS 5-A Guardian Angel – China Gate
Laser LAS 5-B Guardian Angel – Gerrard Street

Manzie DSR 9670-A General Echo – Boom Boom
Manzie DSR 9671-B Version

Monica’s Records RG 47-A A.Pablo – Natty Jester
Monica’s Records RG 47-B Version

Music Works DSR 1690-A Leyroy Smart – Herbs In My Garden
Music Works DSR 1691-B Part II

Northcoast FNG 7553-A Sir Lee – Whip Them No Skip Them
Northcoast FNG 7553-B Sir Lee – Flog Them Jah

Ocean OC 003-A Max Romeo – Wet Dream
Ocean OC 003-B Max Romeo – She’s But A Little Girl

Shanchie Rec. SH 703-A Rita Marley – Who Feels It Knows It
Shanchie Rec. SH 703-B Rita Marley – One Draw

Teem Label 765-A Jah Lloyd – Psalm Two
Teem Label 765-B Soul Syndicate – Chapter Two

Telegraph JB 20X-A Jah Lloyd – Doctor Natty
Telegraph JB 20X-B Jackie Brown All Stars – M.D. Bachelor Degree

Upsetter FLP 3345-A Bob Marley & The Wailers – Duppy Conqueror
Upsetter FLP 3346-B The Upsetters – Zig Zag

Venture VEN 7706-A Horace Andy – Sky Larking
Venture VEN 7706-B Horace Andy – Sky Dubbing

Well Charge CH I 2148-A I Roy – Welding
Well Charge CH I 2148-B Version

Well Charge DSR 2439-A Ranking Trevor – Cave Man Skank
Well Charge DSR 2440-B Version

Well Charge JOE JOE 3120-A Trinity – Set Up Yourself
Well Charge JOE JOE 3121-B Version

Youth Promotion 8328-A Ranking Joe – Youth Man Promotion
Youth Promotion 8329-B Black Roots – Dub Promotion


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #99


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