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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #40

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #40

30 Headley Ave. DSR 1095-A General Trees – All Higglers
30 Headley Ave. DSR 1096-B Higglers Version

Black Gold DSR 4527-A Tinka Francis & Shogie – No Part Time Loving
Black Gold DSR 4528-B Version

Black Scorpio DSR 11341-A Admiral Bailey – A Yu Shape
Black Scorpio DSR 11342-B Version

Brown Sugar DSR 8477-A Admiral Tibett – Freedom (Dedicated To Nelson Mandella)
Brown Sugar DSR 8478-B Version

Crat Prod. DK 2267-A Wayne Wonder – Diana
Crat Prod. DK 2268-B Version

Crown The Lion MTS-86-A The Mighty Maytones – Close The Door
Crown The Lion MTS-86-B Asha & The Computer Possie – Computer Jump

Dennis Star Intl. DSR 1786-A Mikey Melody – Want To Be That Man
Dennis Star Intl. DSR 1787-B Version

Exterminator DSR 3550-A Quench Aid – Sunshine Lady
Exterminator DSR 3551-B Version

Greedy Puppy RMM 192-A Tiger Melody – Struggler
Greedy Puppy RMM 192-B Version

J&M DSR 7171-A Malibu – Live Blanket
J&M DSR 7172-B Version

Jammy’s DSR 5981-A Chicken Chest – Front Line
Jammy’s DSR 5982-B Version

Jammy’s DSR 6808-A Black Crucial – Christmas Time
Jammy’s DSR 6809-B Version

Kennedy International Rec. T.H. 2176-A Skullman – De World
Kennedy International Rec. T.H. 2177-B Version

Magic Star DSR 7810-A Wally Richie – Peeping Tom
Magic Star DSR 7811-B Version

Nitram DSR 5492-A Dee Martin – Fe Me Jubby Wobby
Nitram DSR 5493-B Rhythm Version

One Away Intl. Rec. RMM 876-A Jah Son – Who Say Satan Stronger Than God
One Away Intl. Rec. RMM 876-B Version

Oneness DSR 7250-A Meditations – Man No Better Than Woman
Oneness DSR 7251-B Version

Oneness no matrix-A Chicken Chest – Don’t Kill Entertainer
Oneness no matrix-B Don’t Kill Entertainer~Version

Raiders DSR 10920-A Super Barry – Answer
Raiders DSR 10920-B (9807) Version

Steppers Prod. STITCH 2338-A Plyers – Don’t War With Me
Steppers Prod. STITCH 2338-B Version

Sudden Attack DSR 3144-A John Wayne – Gal Fi Dead
Sudden Attack DSR 3145-B Version

Supreme DSR 1196-A Pinchers – Imitation Santa
Supreme DSR 1197-B Version

Supreme DSR 3237-A Singer Jay – Live Blanket
Supreme DSR 3238-B Version

Techniques no matrix-A Flourgon – Nice Girls
Techniques no matrix-B Nice Girls~Version

Time Bomb Prod. RMM 1623-A General Trees – Love Game
Time Bomb Prod. RMM 1623-B Version


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #40


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