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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #42

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #42

Black Solidarity RMM 1604-A Gregory Peck – 100 Stud
Black Solidarity RMM 1605-B Clive Hunt – 100 Bubbler

Blair’s Recording Label MML 1333-A Pretty Boy Floyd – Radio Personalities
Blair’s Recording Label MML 1333-B (1320) Version

Border Clash DSR 12221-A Skull Man – Dollar Provider
Border Clash DSR 12222-B Version

Crat Prod. no matrix-A Gary Henderson (Nardo Ranking) – Theifing Bwoy
Crat Prod. no matrix-B Theifing Bwoy~Version

Dennis Star Intl. DH 1787-A Mikey Melody – Pa Pie Pie
Dennis Star Intl. DH 1788-B Version

Digital B DSR 9244-A Richie Stephenson – A Nuh Mi Sell The Geow
Digital B DSR 9245-B Version

Famous Rec. DSR 6343-A Scotty & Johnny P – Stranger On The Shore
Famous Rec. DSR 6344-B Famous All Stars – Stranger In Dub

Infinity Promotion DSR 11434-A Mikey D – Assassin
Infinity Promotion DSR 11435-B Version

LMS DM 2832-A Dean Stone – Raging
LMS DM 2832-B D.Madden – Raging Pt.2

Marzouca DSR 427-A Roger Moore – Take It Nice & Easy
Marzouca DSR 428-B Version

Michigan Rec. no matrix-A Papa Michigan – Reality Must Rule
Michigan Rec. no matrix-B Reality Must Rule~Version

Mister Tipsy DSR 330-A Chaka Demus & Pliers – Pretty Robber
Mister Tipsy DSR 331-B Version

Parish DSR 3655-A Everton Chambers – Babylon You Wrong
Parish DSR 3656-B Version (dose not mach a-side)

Power House DSR 5087-A Tiger & Tinga Stewart – Upon The Roof
Power House DSR 5088-B Version

Redman International MML 1326-A Lady Mackrell – Zig Zag Matic
Redman International MML 1327-B Firehouse Crew – Version

Redman International REDMAN 3-A Gregory Isaacs – Let Me Be The One
Redman International REDMAN 3-B Steelie, Clevie & Danny – Version

Sonic Sounds no matrix-A Fred Cash – Tribute To Ten-O-Saw
Sonic Sounds no matrix-B Tribute To Ten-O-Saw~Version

Steeliy & Clevie DSR 2689-A Johnny P – Hairy Bank
Steeliy & Clevie DSR 2690-B Version

Sting DSR 7220-A Teddy Irie – Cool It Out
Sting DSR 7221-B Version

Sunset DSR 5954-A Apachie Chief – Economic Crisis
Sunset DSR 5955-B Version

Tanto DSR 8320-A Slygo – Easy Nuh Johnny
Tanto DSR 8321-B Bugs – Easy Nuh Dub

Thunder Bird DSR 6834-A Dicky Rankin – Ball Fever
Thunder Bird DSR 6835-B Version

Wha Dat Rec. WD 762-A Mellow & Patrick Cool – Labrish
Wha Dat Rec. WD 762-B Version

Wild Fire EM 1748-A Hero & Bishop Trees – Dream Lover
Wild Fire EM 1748-B Version

Wild Fire EM 2408-A Daddy Screw Jombo – Sound Boy Killer
Wild Fire EM 2408-B (2253) Version


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #42


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