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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #48

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #48

Action MR 222-A Prince Jazzbo – Wise Sheperd
Action MR 222-B Prince Jazzbo – Donkey Blind

Agustus Buchanan FBY 7574-A Big Youth – Touch Me In The Morning
Agustus Buchanan FBY 7574-B Negusa Nagast Band – Version

At It FWA 7615-A Dr.Alimantado – Dread Lock’s Music
At It FWA 7615-B Dr.Alimantado – The Challis Blaze

Cash & Carry DSR 9403-A Big Youth – Political Confusion
Cash & Carry DSR 9404-B Jewels – Love & Livety Version

Cord JOE JOE 1326-A Ranking Joe – Weak Heart Fade Away
Cord JOE JOE 1326-B Version

Errol T DSR 5493-A Dillinger – War Is Over
Errol T DSR 5494-B Mighty Two – Jah Did It

Forward Records CN 2851-A Dillinger – Killer Man Jaro
Forward Records CN 2851-B Roy & Dillinger – Freedom (Ver.)

GG’s no matrix-A Jah Stone – Ten Ton Woman
GG’s no matrix-B G.G.All Stars – Part 2 Dubwise

Hot Shot CB 2015-A Jah Stitch – Greedy Girl
Hot Shot CB 2016-B Greedy Girl Version

Ital Sounds DR.ALI# 3054-A Dr.Alimantado – Poison Flower
Ital Sounds DR.ALI# 3055-B Dr.Alimantado – I Shall Fear No Evil

Klik KL 619-A Tapper Zukie – M.P.L.A. (Version)
Klik KL 619-A Tapper Zukie – M.P.L.A.

Manzie JAH MAN 1277-A U.Brown – Sound Called Fever
Manzie JAH MAN 1277-B Craig Town Style

Monica’s Records RG 52-A I.Roy – Teapot
Monica’s Records RG 52-B Version

Negusa Nagast FBY 7914-A Big Youth – Hit The Road Jack
Negusa Nagast FBY 7914-B (7962) Big Youth Band – Tippa Style

New Beat DYNA-CE 152-A King Stitt – Fire Corner
New Beat DYNA-CE 152-B (7668) The Dynamites – Rahtid

Nichola Delita DSR 7144-A Big Youth – Pope Paul Feel It
Nichola Delita DSR 7145-B Big Youth & Ark Angels – Trouble The Vatican

Pioneer PW 5390-A I Roy – Outformer Parker
Pioneer PW 5391-B I Roy – Knatty Down De

Reggae Connection DSR 5807-A Ranking Devon – Farmers Choice
Reggae Connection DSR 5808-B Mighty Cloud Band – Farmers Dub

Soul Beat PW 1895-A I Roy – Black Talk
Soul Beat PW 1895-B Blacker Black – Black Organ

TR Groovemaster DSR 4826-A Ranking Joe – John Never See Them A Come
TR Groovemaster DSR 4827-B John Left Is Merina In The Arena

Upsetters LP 3097-A James Brown – Stop The War In Babylon
Upsetters LP 3097-B The Upsetter – Dub In Peace

Upsetters LP 5049-A Prince Jazzbo – Penny Reel
Upsetters LP 5049-B Upsetters – Penny Version

Well Charge DSR 2902-A I Roy – Universal Natty
Well Charge DSR 2903-B Version

Well Charge JOE JOE 070-A Dellinger – Eastman Skank
Well Charge JOE JOE 070-B Version

World Wide Records ET 2447-A I.Roy – Time Bumb
World Wide Records ET 2447-B World Wide All Star – Half Past The Hour


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #48


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