Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #75

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #75

10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6968-A Lyrical – Dance Pon Yuh Toe
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6969-B Version

Black Love Rec. DSR 227-A Prince Heron – Let It Be
Black Love Rec. DSR 228-B Version

Blank GGTM 306-A Little John – Dance Caan Dun
Blank GGTM 307-B Version

Blue Trac DSR 9700-A Tiger – Tiger In The Dance
Blue Trac DSR 9700-B (8786) Version

Bouncing Ball DSR 7824-A Bill Gentles – London Town
Bouncing Ball DSR 7825-B Version

GG’s Hit GGR 5149-A Peter Metro – You See Me
GG’s Hit GGR 5149-B G.G.’s All Stars – Dub Pt.II

Godfather DSR 3885-A The Itals – Here Say
Godfather DSR 3886-B Shabrock Rhythm Master – Version

Harry J no matrix-A Sassa Frass – Chubby Belly
Harry J no matrix-B Version~Chubby Belly

Kool Vibes A&H 001-A Lady G – Rundown Man
Kool Vibes A&H 001-B Version

Modelers JAB 001-A Errol Mais – Remember Me
Modelers JAB 001-B Version

Music Master DSR 12167-A Junior Wilson – Girl In His Mind
Music Master DSR 12168-B Version

P.K.R. no matrix-A Skullman – Run In
P.K.R. no matrix-B Version~Run In

Photographer DSR 1836-A Carl Meeks – Cool Yuh Temper
Photographer DSR 1837-B Version

Pioneer Muzik DSR 3520-A Plyers – Murder We Wrote
Pioneer Muzik DSR 3521-B Firehouse Crew – Version

Redman Intl. DSR 7063-A Horace Martin – Gimmie The Grass
Redman Intl. DSR 7064-B Version

Redman Intl. MML 1324-A Tony Rebel – Warning
Redman Intl. MML 1325-B Steelie, Clevie & Danny – Version

Rock Jack RMM 501-A Papa Kojak – Su-Su-Su Business (Call On Me)
Rock Jack RMM 501-B Dun Wid It

Sally ”B” DSR 7172-A Papa Levi – Go A Hilltop
Sally ”B” DSR 7173-B Version

Steelie & Cleavie DSR 5718-A Pad Anthony – Spread Out
Steelie & Cleavie DSR 5719-B Version

Stereo One DSR 2505-A Sydney Mankind – Hot Number
Stereo One DSR 2506-B Version

Supreme DSR 9388-A Junior Demus – Johnny Bop
Supreme DSR 9389-B Version

T-Ash Muzik TA 002-A Caasy – Poor People Prority
T-Ash Muzik TA 002-B Andrew Wright – Girl Yuh Dissing Me

Twin Explosion DSR 1319-A Leroy ”Dracula” Duhaney – No Jealous Man
Twin Explosion DSR 1320-B Version

WKS Records no matrix-A Dennis Brown – Stop Fighting (So Early In The Morning)
WKS Records no matrix-B Dub Version~Stop Fighting

Waterhouse no matrix-A Courtney Melody – Loving Woman
Waterhouse no matrix-B Barnabas – Version


Contenido oculto, solo visible para VIP :: 25



Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #75


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