Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #80

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #80

Anchor DSR 1020-A Cocoa Tea – One Away Woman
Anchor DSR 1021-B Cocoa Tea – One Away Woman Ver.2

Dub Irator DSR 9601-A Major Worries – Doo-Doo
Dub Irator DSR 9602-B Version

Dub Irator DSR 9608-A Captain Barky – Gaan Go Tidy
Dub Irator DSR 9609-B Version

Dynamite DSR 1856-A Peter Metro & Zu Zu – In The Army
Dynamite DSR 1857-B Taxi Gang – Major General

Grade One no matrix-A Carlton Livingston – Hot Hot Summer
Grade One no matrix-B Superstar Mix Pt.5

Harry J DSR 8408-A Jim Brown – Reggae Galore
Harry J DSR 8409-B Version

Jah Life Time DSR 9812-A Anthony Red Rose & Major Worries – Jah Is The Don
Jah Life Time DSR 9812-B (9860) Jah Life Time Players – Jah In Dub

Jammy’s DSR 2974-A General Trees – Horseman Style
Jammy’s DSR 2975-B Version

King Culture KC 5266-A Barry Brown – Nice Up The Dance
King Culture KC 5266-B Version

King Culture KC 759-A Stama & Culture – Barro Clothes
King Culture KC 759-B Version

Mes Jam BDP 010-A Don Angelo – Rosey
Mes Jam BDP 010-B Version

Power House DSR 3789-A Winston Hussey – You Face Look Good
Power House DSR 3790-B Sly & Robbie – Version

Power House DSR 5093-A B.Levy & Half Pint – Do It
Power House DSR 5094-B Version

Power House GP-A Shirley Maclean – Calling Every Possie
Power House GP-B Version~Calling Every Possie

Raggamuffin Prod. DSR 8554-A Icho Candy – Two Time Lover
Raggamuffin Prod. DSR 8555-B Version

Redman Intl. RMM 1091-A Carl Meeks – Weh Dem Fah
Redman Intl. RMM 1091-B Version

Redman Intl. RMM 1093-A Major Worries – Hunter Crossing
Redman Intl. RMM 1093-B Version

Reggae Intl. RCP 001-A Chosen People Band – Rub A Dub In De Area
Reggae Intl. RCP 001-B Dub De Area

Rockstone no matrix-A U.Brown – Kill Dem With Dub
Rockstone no matrix-B Version

San Salvage DSR 1166-A Scion Success – Aim Fi De Sky
San Salvage DSR 1166-B (1180) Cassette & Tape – She Loves Me

Studio Worx DSR 3537-A Paul Blake & The Blood & Fire Posse – Every Posse Get Flat
Studio Worx DSR 3538-B The Blood & Fire Posse – Flat Out

Sunset no matrix-A Micheal Buckley – Angry Me Angry
Sunset no matrix-B Version~Angry Me Angry

Taurus DSR 3629-A Little John – Fade Away
Taurus DSR 3630-B Banton, Desmond & Fire House Crew – Version

Taurus RMM 1455-A Lady Mackerel – You Shape A Badda Me
Taurus RMM 1455-B Peego, Banton & Firehouse Crew – Version

Watte Music WTE 01-A Willy Williams – Jungle
Watte Music WTE 01-B Jungle Version


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #80


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