Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #81

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #81

Advance MICRON#3032-A Shorty The President – Loving Bingo
Advance MICRON#3033-B President All Stars – Strip Me

Africa HTR 6551-A Time Unlimited – One Road
Africa HTR 6551-B Version

Augustus Buchanan FBY 7910-A Big Youth – Energy Crisis
Augustus Buchanan FBY 7910-B Big Youth – Day Light Saving Time

Brownbeat Disc EB 1691-4-A Phil Phatt & Wild Bunch Inc. – Do His Will
Brownbeat Disc EB 1691-4-B Wild Bunch Inc. – Do His Rhythm

Caturna ST 7266-A Leroy Brown & The Turbans – My Womans Love
Caturna ST 7266-B Leroy Brown & The Turbans – Time Of Decission

Circle Rec. ST 57779-A Gregory Isaacs – Love In Pauper
Circle Rec. ST 57780-B Pauper Dub

D.E.L. Music CA 2809-A Rod Taylor – I’ve Got Love
D.E.L. Music CA 2809-B Dels Loving

Flames F 1005-A Leroy Housen – I Just Dig A Little Each Day
Flames F 1005-B Dub Version

Galaxy Tucks Intl. GTI 004-A Delano Tucker & The Revolutionary All Stars – Ah So Jah Say
Galaxy Tucks Intl. GTI 004-B The Revolutionary All Stars – Reap Dub

High Note 093-A Al Brown & The Revolutioners – Sitting In Limbo
High Note 093-B The Revolutioners – Limbo Dub

High Note SP 00054-A Well Please & Satisfy – Walla Walla
High Note SP 00055-B Well Please & Satisfy – Version

Hot Rod DSR SC 10232-A Freddy McKay – Dock Of The Bay
Hot Rod DSR SC 10233-B Dock Version

Itana DSR 7933-A Peter (Roots) Lewis – Facts Of Life
Itana DSR 7934-B Version

Jogibs Rec. JG 3944-A Unknown
Jogibs Rec. JG 3945-B Unknown

MML MML 0011-A Calman Scott – One Teacher, One Preacher
MML MML 0011-B One Dub

Micron MIC 1914-A Garwood Bros. – Deepest Love
Micron MIC 1914-B Deepest Version

New Star DSR 6123-A David Isaacs – Pretend New Style
New Star DSR 6124-B Version

Rebel FRM 211-A Lloyd Charmers – White Rum & Salvation
Rebel FRM 211-B Charmers Big Band – Rum & Water

Straker’s Records S 0043-A Glen Adams feat.Sil McIntosh (Alto Sax) – Take Warning
Straker’s Records S 0043-B Version

Top Affair PEB 7772-A Patrick Alley – Come We Go Reason
Top Affair PEB 7773-B Dub Version

Top Sound TS 001-A Ossie & The Creations – Torch Of Love
Top Sound TS 001-B Ossie & The Creations – Version

Town N Country Rec. DSR 1801-A Shortier The President – No Peace
Town N Country Rec. DSR 1802-B Mighty Two – War

Town N Country Rec. DSR 2362-A Maxie Romeo – Stop Picking On Me
Town N Country Rec. DSR 2363-B The Mighty Two – Lay Off

Typhoon DSR GGR 4545-A The Maytones – Little Boy Blue
Typhoon DSR GGR 4546-B Typhoon All Stars – Version

VP Rec. VP 108-A Johnny Clarke – I’ll Be Lonely
VP Rec. VP 108-B Lonely Version


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #81


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