Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #84

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #84

Arab TC 2756-A David & Jahson – Natty Chase The Barber
Arab TC 2756-B Natty Dread – Locks Dread

Black United Nation FBG 7962-A Fred McMurry – Lucky Lucky People
Black United Nation FBG 7962-B Version

CC Records CC 9000-A Leval Thompson – Pa Pa Priest
CC Records CC 9000-B Wild Bunch – Version

Cash & Carry DSR 7941-A Gregory Isaacs – Mr.Brown
Cash & Carry DSR 7942-B Version

Fiwi Rec. FIWI 101-A Tropic Suns & Soul Syndicate – Near You
Fiwi Rec. FIWI 101-B Soul Syndicate – Near You (Version)

G Clef Records CLE 0032-A Sid Lovejoy – King Kong Man
G Clef Records CLE 0032-B Sid Lovejoy – King Kong Man Version

GG’s Hit GG RECORD 910-A Jah Thomas – Truth & Right
GG’s Hit GG RECORD 910-B Jah Thomas – Part Two Truth & Right

GG’s Hit GGREC 5040-A S.Beckford – Family Court
GG’s Hit GGREC 5040-B S.Beckford – Family Court Dub

Gumari 1 Rec. CRISIS 0001-A Black Sounds Huro’s – Crisis
Gumari 1 Rec. CRISIS 0001-B Crisis Dub

I Bingi I HM 01-A Carl Dawkins – Luv Is Needed
I Bingi I HM 01-B Half Moon Band – Luv Was Needed

LMP Records SLJ 2024-A Glenn Daley – Natty Dread On The Ball
LMP Records SLJ 2024-B Glenn Daley – Natty’s Dub

LTD FRM 337-A Delroy Wilson – I Don’t Want To See You Cry
LTD FRM 337-B The Casanovas – Dub Don’t Cry

Leo CC 2811-A Carl Malcolm – Right Size
Leo CC 2811-B (RANDY’S 3068) Skin Flesh & Bone – Right Size Version II

Love Time GG TG 5258-A Tyrone Taylor – Cottage In Negril
Love Time GG TG 5258-B Version

Mart’s EM 2004-A Lloyd Parks – Girl In The Morning
Mart’s EM 2004-B Girl In The Morning Part Two

Micron MIC 2181-A Delroy Wilson – You’re No Good
Micron MIC 2181-B Version

Nu-Sound Rec. S 0068-A Peter Baugh – Man After You What You Gonna Do
Nu-Sound Rec. S 0068-B Peter Baugh – Man After You What You Version

Randy’s VP MUSIC 4004-A Jimmy London – Thank The Lord
Randy’s VP MUSIC 4005-B Thank The Lord Version

Roots From The Field Rec.Inc. S 1036-A Roots From The Field – Selassie I
Roots From The Field Rec.Inc. S 1036-B Roots From The Field – Conquer

Roots MORWELLS 1202-A Mowell Esquire – Never Fall In Love
Roots MORWELLS 1202-B Mowell Unlimited – Blood In Dub

Senrab Rec. SENTA 0040-A John Clarke & Reckless Breed – Bum Bang Festival
Senrab Rec. SENTA 0040-B Reckless Breed – Version Festival

Spider Man DSR GGR 8549-A Jimmy London – Suspicion
Spider Man DSR GGR 8550-B Rythmn Ruler – Version

Tropical Record ST 7219-A Ken Boothe – Love Comes Tumbling
Tropical Record ST 7219-B B.B.Seaton – Rainbow Love

Weed Beat WB 074-A Eric Donaldson – Land Of My Birth
Weed Beat WB 074-B Version

Well Charge JOE JOE 080-A J Ayes – Rightous Satta Man
Well Charge JOE JOE 080-B Version


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #84


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