Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #85

Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #85

Action RG 33-A Johnny Clarke – Never Never
Action RG 33-B King Tubby – Version

African Museum MIC 2151-A Gregory Isaacs – Loneliness
African Museum MIC 2151-B Dub

Blank FCD 7944-A Ruddy Thomas – My Parents Fault
Blank FCD 7944-B Jackie Mittoo – Joy Joy

Clocktower CT 318-A Tyrone Evans – You’re So Cold
Clocktower CT 318-B New York Reggae Syndicate – Hot Dubwise

Crazy Joe DSR 1797-A Roland & Karl – Things Not So Nice
Crazy Joe DSR 1798-B The Mighty Two – Not So Nice Version

Devon Rec. TRI 391-A Jah Lloyd – No More Tribal War
Devon Rec. TRI 391-B Bongo Herman – Version

Dodger Label FRC 7692-A Douglas Boothe – Coming Home
Dodger Label FRC 7692-B Dodger All Stars – Version

Fabt Rec. F 101-A R.D.Livingston – Don’t Take It So Hard
Fabt Rec. F 101-B R.D.Livingston & Fabt All Stars – Walking Tall

Half Moon HM 1-A Rothadam & Super 8 Coperation – What Will My Memory Say
Half Moon HM 1-B Super 8 Coperation – Memory Version

Harry J HJ 200-A Trinity & Dean Stone – Smoking Rock
Harry J HJ 200-B Version

Hitbound JOE JOE 5014-A Earth & Stone – Run Home
Hitbound JOE JOE 5015-B Version

Joe Gibbs DSR 2699-A Jah Walton – Gourmandizer
Joe Gibbs DSR 2700-B The Mighty Two – Mandizer Rock

Merritone Music MM 100-A Milton Bull – My Baby Is Gone
Merritone Music MM 100-B Hot Earth & Co. – Untouchable Skank

Monica’s Records RG 07-A Johnny Clarke – Dance In Canada
Monica’s Records RG 07-B Version

Riley Inc. FTC 7540-A The Shades – Big Boy
Riley Inc. FTC 7540-B Soul Syndicate – Untouchable Dub

Romax FWR 76-A Jimmie Riley – Prophesy
Romax FWR 76-B Techniques All Star – The Anuil

Roosevelt DSR HJ 7639-A Bongo Herman – S90 Red Skank
Roosevelt DSR HJ 7640-B Version

SM Records T 57259-A People – Reach Out
SM Records T 57260-B People – Reach Out (Version)

Soul Sounds DSR WW 4466-A Willie Williams & The Thoroughbreds – Prisoner Of Loneliness
Soul Sounds DSR WW 4466-B (4547) The Thoroughbreds – Version

Sparkling GC 3001-A George Chin – Glory Home
Sparkling GC 3001-B Sylvester Inc. – Version

Studio 1 SC 104-A Judah Eskender Tafari – Conquer Me Pt.1
Studio 1 SC 104-B Judah Eskender Tafari – Conquer Me Pt.2

TR Groovemaster PT 23T-A Jah Earl Locks – Trial & Tribulation
TR Groovemaster PT 23T-B All The President Men – Natty Jump Over Manners

V.P.Rec. VP&RANDYS 924-A Brent Dowe – Wait & See
V.P.Rec. VP&RANDYS 924-B Sky Nation – Wait & See Version

World Wide Records ES 3138-A Murphy Romeo – Cowboy Life
World Wide Records ES 3139-B Skin, Flesh & Bones – Heavy Dub


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Reggae World Crew 70s,80s&90s Rare Vinyl Selection Pack #85


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